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Jenn Thomas

Jenn Thomas has been cooking since before she could see over the counter. For seventeen years, she perfected her eye for style and design at her aunt’s flower shop. Jenn earned a degree in culinary the Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. She relocated to Chicago after graduation. There, she worked with Boka Restaurant Group for the Women in Culinary Leadership Mentee Program. After completing the program, Jenn worked with Stephanie Izard in Chicago’s West Loop as special project manager.


Food styling combines Jenn’s knowledge and love of food with the design skills to highlight and enhance its natural beauty. With over a decade of experience working in every part of the house, she has an objective approach and a passion for presentation. She is highly organized, a team leader, and enjoys collaborating on projects large and small. You can find examples of Jenn’s work on her Instagram page.

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