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French Onion Dip

Updated: Apr 26, 2020

Jason (my BF) makes French Onion Dip for special occasions ONLY. Apparently another Saturday in quarantine is a special occasion and I am so okay with it!

French Onion Dip

Yield - Approx. 2cups

Time - Approx. 1hr


Med/lg white onion (small dice) - 2ea

Shallot (minced and rinsed under cold water) - 1ea

Sour cream - 1lb / 16oz

Dill (rough chop) - ½ bunch

Chive (rough chop) - ½ bunch

Lemon (juice) - 1ea

cognac/brandy - ¼ cup

Grapeseed oil - Enough to coat pan

MSG - ½ teaspoon

Salt - To taste


Step 1 - pre-heat saute pan over medium-low heat.

Step 2 - Add oil.

Step 3 - Add white onion, salt, and MSG. (Don’t over-salt at this point. The onions will cook down and concentrate.)

Step 4 - Continue to saute over medium-low heat, stirring periodically, until onions are DARK brown. (This should take roughly 45min to 1hr. Do not rush with high heat.)

Step 5 - Deglaze with cognac and cook until liquid has evaporated.

Step 6 - Chill onion mixture.

Step 7 - Combine sour cream, onion mixture, shallots, lemon juice, and herbs and mix with spatula.

Step 8 - Readjust seasoning with salt and lemon juice.

Step 9 - Crush the f*ck out of dip.

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