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Pan Seared Salmon

When prepping for this blog recipe, the intention was to grill the salmon. I woke up the morning of shooting it to a thick heavy blanket of snow! So, pan seared salmon it will be!!!

Don’t worry, there will be another grilled salmon attempt soon!

This dish is very simple with minimum ingredients. However, its all about technique. I was fortunate enough to work next to three bad ass women in the kitchen this past year who taught me (several times) how to properly cook fish!

Dill Cream Sauce

Shredded Green Slaw

Selecting Salmon

Searing Salmon

Putting it all together

mmmm… this is soo good, just looking at this picture makes me want it for dinner again!

Mix the shredded green slaw with lime juice and olive oil. Taste and adjust with salt if needed.

Serve all together with dill cream sauce, salmon and shredded green slaw!

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