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Pickled Strawberry Caprese Toast

Craving a traditional caprese salad during the Midwest Winters but the tomatoes are NOT in season?! We've got you covered with this delicious, pickled strawberry caprese toast. Giant Eagle carries a large variety of fresh strawberries that can be preserved in the form of pickling!

Pickled Strawberry Caprese Toast


1 each ball of burrata* cheese

Flaky sea salt such as Fleur De Sel to finish

2 Tablespoon Balsamic Vinegar Glaze

2 Tablespoon good extra virgin oil

1 thick slice hearty bread such as sourdough

2 Tablespoons butter

2-3 basil leaves, fresh

Pickling Liquid:

1 cup white wine vinegar

1 cup water

1/2 cup sugar

2 Tablespoons kosher salt

1 Teaspoon red pepper flakes

2 cups Pineberry Strawberries** (optional), stems removed

2 cups red strawberries, stems removed


  • In a small pot add white wine vinegar, water, sugar, salt and pepper flakes and heat until sugar and salt are dissolved

  • Pour over stemmed and sliced strawberries until they are submerged

  • let chill for 1-3 hours

  • In a heavy bottom skillet, melt butter and toast bread on both sides until GBD (golden brown delicious)

  • Break burrata in half and spread over entire side of toast

  • spoon out strawberries and some of the pickling juice over the burrata

  • drizzle both balsamic glaze and olive oil over the top

  • sprinkle with flaky sea salt

  • tare up basil leaves and sprinkle on top

  • Enjoy!

*Burrata Cheese: cow's milk Italian cheese with a mozzarella type on the outside filled with shredded curds and heavy cream. This is mild and creamy.

**Pineberry Strawberry: white strawberry with red seeds, sweet like pineapple. If you cannot find these, use all red strawberries!

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